I am not fond of horror movies

but I would like to tell You about “Den magiska biodagen” (www.denmagiskabiodagen.se)which will take place at Palladium in Alingsås tomorrow where horror films will be shown throughout the day. And at 17.30 GIFF will arrange a horror movie quiz there.

At our morning coffee we discussed which horror films we like best. I don’t have a favorite, of course, but classic horror films as The Excorsist, The Shining and Omen was the favorites among my collegues. Paula also told us about “Den magiska biodagen” last year, people came from the whole country dressed like horror characters. Really scary, she said. I can imagine.

Any way, as You probably know tomorrow it’s El Clàsico on TV4 Sport at 22.00. I promised Nubar, our CFO, to tell You about this if You didn’t already know. I actually think that he is more interested of the game Asyriska vs Trollhättan  –  game on Sunday in Trollhättan.

I will soon leave the office and try to get some sun in the early afternoon. It is lovley weather in Göteborg today and will be so this weekend. I asked my children earlier what they wanted for “Fredagsmys” today and got the answer “some Thai would be good mum, and if You could jump with us on the trampoline then we have a perfect Friday”. And so it will be…

Have a nice weekend!

All the best/



A favorite

I am resting today after a terrible “vinterkräksjuka” yesterday. Happily I brought a film as company that I want to tell You about –  “Dear Lemon Lima” directed by Suzi Yoonessi who also wrote the script. It’s a very sweet film about 13 years old Vanessa getting ready to attend a private school. The adorable animations, music and humour of the film fools You to think it’s a friendly and fun film, but the enviroment of the school is cruel.

The fantastic scenery, the smart dialogue and the music (by Sasha Gordon) makes this film a favorite.

Have a great day.


Post Easter

It is the day after Easter. A new and glorious day in a life without sugar. How much candy I have eaten… In the debate they talk about swedes eating 17 kilo candy per person/year. One consolation is Silva Pedometer (or as simple as not eating candy). Today we reported a week’s step, and I felt pretty satisfied with my near 57,000 steps until I realized that both Mirja and Asa had come a little over 80,000 steps. So today at lunch, the marketing department took hold of it and walked and discussed, not only Berlusconi (after having seen Videocracy last week, which I think was a rather wimpy or kind portrayal), but things like marketing and Cannes.
I do not see much on TV, but somehow I got stuck in the TV annex this weekend and will now look forward to Saturday, April 10. This Saturday I can indeed recommend two of my best films in the genre of “Feel Good”, The Devil Wears Prada, TV4 at 21:25 and right after that: SVT1, You’ve Got Mail. Get it?

Seminar “How to tell a personal story” and coffee

Have You been to the Café inside Draken, second floor? If not, go there and have a coffee and some of the lovley cakes, shortbreads they serve. Karl, Micael, Björn and I started our day there.

The seminar “How to tell a personal story” was very interesting and touching. It was a lot of people who listened to an engaged Gunilla Röör, Maria Bonnevie and the director Margareth Olin. The film Angel, which You can se at Roy 3.00 pm tomorrow is about  a heroin addicted mother who chooses to leave her daughter to save her from a hellish childhood. A horrible and true story.

/eva carlheim

Monday 1th of February

Today is the fourth day of the festival. I am proud of how fantastic the festival is. I think what we accomplished so far is great!

The best with this day (except for my turn writing the blog) is that including Maria Bonnevie will hold a seminar in the Festival tent at 12.30 pm on the subject “How to tell a personal story”. Maria Bonnevie is my favorite actress above all. Strong and fragile at the same time. Additionally, she speaks so beutifully. I think I read that it was once Ingmar Bergman who taught her to speak slowly and with it more beautiful.

Tonight I will try to get tickets to “Don’t worry about me”, David Morriseys feature film debut, at Roy 20.15 pm. He also does a small role in the film Nowhere Boy, the film about Lennon’s youth. A very good film.

/eva carlheim