Dance, dance, dance…

Friday afternoon in the festival office. Just looked out into a rainy and quite grey Göteborg but all of a sudden this crew danced the rain away. Lovely!



The only fur that is ok…

…is the White Fur (Vit Päls). A new great swedish pop band from the very south of Sweden. I’m jumping beetween the tracks on Spotify and can’t help to enjoy this homemade-indie-playful-ironic-serious songs finding its way through my speakers. I’m thinking about a young Kjell Höglund produced by Philemon Arthur & The Dung.

Fortunately we have the pleasure to present Vit Päls along with several other happenings on the 6th of May at parken in Göteborg. It will be a fantastic spring party with the best of Göteborgs exuberant culture life. Don’t miss!  You can read all about the party here.