The King of Kong

Do not miss this fantastic documentary at 10 pm on SVT1.

/Andreas Degerhammar


Un prophète vs. R

Saw Un prophète (A Prophet) yesterday. I sadly missed it in Cannes last year and since then everyone have been raving about it. And I can see why, it’s a really intense film. It feels sort of like a young Scorsese would make a Parisian Goodfellas.

However it is always hard watching a film when your expectations are enormous and I was really expecting a lot. Maybe I was expecting a little bit too much.

One of my favourite films at this year’s GIFF was the Danish film R that won the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film. Needless to say, R and Un prophète have a lot in common. Not just for being prison films, but in the way they introduce the main character and how he is something of an enigma throughout the film.

All in all I think R is well up there with Un prophète. The latter may be glossier and more intriguing, but R rings more true in its gritty depiction of prison life and I also think it is more artistically original.

Two great films of course, but when Un prophète is hailed as one of last years best films R hasn’t yet gotten distribution in Sweden.

I sincerely hope that will change.

/Andreas Degerhammar