The Broccoli Secret

Next time you eat broccoli, look a little closer, because you are just about to put a Hollywood movie into your mouth. Let me explain. This weekend I was reading a Swedish magazine “Tidningen Vi” and they had a notice saying the following;

Trees and broccoli are built like fractals, which means structures repeating themselves. A new study shows that Hollywood films are increasingly edited in fractals because the audience like the pulse that it creates. If you compare an action movie to a broccoli, the ongoing action scenes takes place in the outer stalks of the vegetable and the calmer scenes in the vegetable stem”

Get it?

/Cia Edström


Vulcanos can be profitable

In search for something interesting to write about a rainy day in May, I looked through the latest news on the Internet. Besides the top news that Tiger Woods admits to have had 120 other women than his wife and Sandra Bullock is getting a divorce, I found an article at the Nordic Film & TV Fund about the ironic fact that, while the Eyjafjallajoekull volcanic eruption has hurt millions of people and businesses around the world, Icelandic film companies have benefitted from the unexpected business brought by foreign TV crews.

” For the duration of the eruption in Eyjafjallajoekull, our service teams and postproduction department have been busy servicing international news crews reporting from Iceland to the world, said the Saga film company’s CEO Kjartan Thor Thordarson. “There must be at least 15-20 news crews covering the eruption on location and we expect more to come when flights resume from Europe”

There is something good in everything.

/Cia Edström

The calm before the storm

For us at the Nordic Film Market editorial it has been a week of many deadlines. Finally the programme for Nordic Film Market was set today. 18 feature films and 17 presentations of upcoming films from five Nordic countries. Half of the films in the works in progress section are debuts and it is by far the most promising programme we have ever presented. It feels  good as there are many first time guests from around the world, and the last thing you want is to disappoint them. Norwegian Ninja, Norway. Work in Progress at Nordc Film Market

Tip of the Day: Do not miss tomorrows screening of Glowing Stars by Lisa Siwe, nominated for Best Film at the Guldbagge Award. There are still tickets left and you get to vote for the Major Film Award of Göteborg (Göteborgs Stora Filmpris)! 7 pm at Cinema Draken.

/Cia Edström

The festival within the festival

Today after a long night the festival catalogue was delivered to the print shop and soon a very tired group from the editorial staff will get their first hours of sleep for a very long time.

In our room we just got the last titles ready for our programme. It might sound strange, but Nordic Film Market is a festival within the Göteborg international Film Festival, and our agenda looks a bit different. We send our programme to the print shop the same day that we open the festival. For those of you who do not know; Nordic Film Market is our marketplace for new Nordic films. During for days (Feb 4-7) international buyers, festival programmers and sales agents from all over the world are here to see new films and presentations of upcoming films.

The most exciting in our programme according to me are without doubt the presentations of upcoming films. It is always a dense and even excited atmosphere in the cinema. Is this the place where you will find the next big sale or festival hit? Tomorrow I will tell you more about some of the 16 upcoming films that will be presented.

/Cia Edström