Todays outfit: Snow

The two happenings of the day was that it was white outside when I woke up and that the stray cat that left again 4 weeks ago came back. Again. So did his… very special smell.

Nowadays there is not supposed to be any snow this time of the year. Considering that there is a climate conference going on in Copenhagen, the timing is quite bad. This seems like the good old days – no danger, normal. And I hate it. I hate snow.

New week tomorrow. Busy week . Press conference in Stockholm about short film award Startsladden, staff party with a theme, meeting with PR agency, deadline for several things, mostly texts which have to be written, for instance press messages, fund film descriptions and of course, to do lists. Christmas presents to buy. Christmas tree to buy.

But first; another episode of Mad Men. Tv on dvd is the drug. But they really should quit smoking. An by the way: read this.

Camilla Larsson


By Lars Tunbjörk

My god, Paradise Hotel is really so… embarrasing and sad.  Of course, that particular channel accidentally happened to be on when I entered the TV room. At least it makes me want to do other things than watch TV – work for example. Still have texts to finish about the films in the  festival programme and now the time is here when you really start getting curoius about the stuff the other programmers picked. Wish I could mention some of the great titles we have, but it’s still a secret. And still it’s so early that you can pretend that you will have the option to see them all… but then again, as usual, that won’t happen. During the festival it is the audience that sees the films, not the festival employees.

Told my 6 year old daughter that I hoped she was going to serve breakfast and sing Lucia songs at my bedside tomorrow morning. “No”, she said, “I’ve done it so many times. This time it’s your turn.” The world is upside down, the other day a rose was blooming outside the door and this afternoon some snow fell. And tomorrow I will sing Lucia songs dressed in…what? That will probably be the second time in a short while I will feel just as I am inside a photo by Lars Tunbjörk. The first time was earlier this evening and I am not sure wether it’s a good experience or not.

Camilla Larsson

ps. Anyhow, if anybody remembers a tv-series from the 70’s set in Sicily, please step forward!. It was mysterious with crimes and passion and related to Lucia (?) and it had the fantastic Grace Jones song “I’ve Seen That Face Before – Libertango” as a theme (listen)

An finally a text about Lucia, just to make sure we know what we are talking about, (read even more):

“I västra Sverige fanns en tradition att lussa natten till 13 december. Då klädde man ut sig i gamla kläder till ”lussegubbar” eller ”lussebrudar” och gick runt bland gårdarna för att där få sig en sup. (…)

Till skillnad från dagens lucia så var det ingen ära att blir lussebrud. Hon betraktades som lösaktig och karltokig. Inte alls som dagens lucia och definitivt inte som helgonet. Från Bohuslän finns följande uttryck

Den som en gång varit Lussebrud, hon får aldrig någon brudeskrud”

I did it

Didn’t think I was going to do it. But this morning I was standing in a long line with loads of retired people. Since I missed the dates when my own “risk group” was offered the shot, I now, several weeks later joined  “the much older ones”. Yes, I am talking about the new flu and since I never get sick I hesitated, but what the heck, you don’t want to risk being the one sabotaging a whole film festival, do you? Because from now on nobody can get sick. That’s it.

So, because of the above, I am more tired than normal. (Which explains why I didn’t watch our fund film La Yuma tonight, as I intended to) Which is quite good, since I won’t be so… bothered when I see the Norwegian royal family loosen up to the music at the Nobel peace concert on tv. But at least Will and Jada Smith are real pros.

And I must say that I got some  inspiration which will come in handy for our big Christmas staff party on Wednesday. Say no more.

Camilla Larsson

TV can be good for you

Jag kommer nu att byta till engelska. I will now change into English…

Left the capital again after trouble in the Metro and an inspiring meeting at Filmhuset, discussing the documentary method book we will make together with docu consulent Tove Torbiörnsson at the Swedish Film Institute. Going to be great.

I completely love trains and the amount of work you can do while you are on them. On top of that this afternoon saw at least two extremely exciting mails with really good news for The Göteborg Film Festival.

From film to tv. Swedish criminal series Morden (The Murders), a sequel to Graven (The Grave), which intrigued me a few years ago is as good as its prequel. When you are tired of not getting to see real good Swedish acting (not mainly because of the actors) you at least have this to lean on. And the script, and especially the lines are marvellous. They are so unexpected and sometimes weird that they become totally realistic and natural. Like in real life. The interaction between actors Kjell Bergqvist and Göran Ragnerstam is a pleasure to watch and listen to and Annika Hallin (just listen) has the best voice in Sweden. A round of applause to director Anders Engström who took over for the second round, after super talented Mikael Marcimain. Damn, last episode was tonight – but you can always see it again, and again at SVT Play.

Camilla Larsson