Festivalfilm i hetluften

Idag kom det till min kännedom att Maciej Kalymons Hjulet snurrar men hamstern är död: Prequel som medverkade i Startsladden har varit i hetluften de senaste dagarna. Filmen som cirkulerar kring en utvecklingsstörd flickas längtan efter närhet och sexualitet har tydligen givit upphov till starka känslor, inte enbart av det positiva slaget. Flera har kommenterat den som “provocerande”. Själv älskade jag den från första visningen. Vad säger ni?



Another festival is over

This morning was a positive experience. A bit chilly, but the SUN shining really bright. Quite the opposite from this weekend when a grey, wet and terribly depressing skies lowered over Gothenburg. A perfect climate though to get inside and experience one of the city’s new film festivals – Music Doc! The second edition of their Gothenburg variant (the festival was started in Malmö and is also held within the frame of Tempo in Stockholm) was held Thursday-Sunday.

But unfortunately the grey skies seemed to affect people to not even get out of their houses and apartments on Saturday and Sunday. But thankfully a lot of people did, and had the opportunity to see films on different kind of musical expressions, ranging from from gipsy music to industrial.

And from a personal level it was an amazing experience to meet a member from one of my all time favourite bands; Alexander Hacke from Berlin industrial legends Einstürzende Neubauten, who was involved in two films in the programme. His explorations of Istanbul’s music life in Fatih Akin’s Crossing the Bridge and Neubauten as catalysts for East Germans in their hometown Berlin, in Uli M. Schuppel’s Off Ways. A documentary about some people who was inj the crowd of their first concert in East Berlin in December 89 – just after the fall of the Berlin wall. Two full houses at Hagabion and interesting Q & As with hacke himself. The Friday night was closed at Truckstop Alaska club at Lindholmen, where Music Doc held an Eddie Meduza party. Opposites clashing!

Alexander Hacke (left) at Truckstop Alaska.

On Saturday “GIFF’s own” Camilla Larsson held an interesting seminar about music and myths at Space with music journalist Bella Stenberg, film director Fredrik Egerstrand and music science professor Lars Lillliestam.

Music Doc will be back next spring and I hope they keep on fighting! We need such happenings to get through grey times. Let the sun keep on shining!

/Ulf Sigvardson

Un prophète vs. R

Saw Un prophète (A Prophet) yesterday. I sadly missed it in Cannes last year and since then everyone have been raving about it. And I can see why, it’s a really intense film. It feels sort of like a young Scorsese would make a Parisian Goodfellas.

However it is always hard watching a film when your expectations are enormous and I was really expecting a lot. Maybe I was expecting a little bit too much.

One of my favourite films at this year’s GIFF was the Danish film R that won the Dragon Award for Best Nordic Film. Needless to say, R and Un prophète have a lot in common. Not just for being prison films, but in the way they introduce the main character and how he is something of an enigma throughout the film.

All in all I think R is well up there with Un prophète. The latter may be glossier and more intriguing, but R rings more true in its gritty depiction of prison life and I also think it is more artistically original.

Two great films of course, but when Un prophète is hailed as one of last years best films R hasn’t yet gotten distribution in Sweden.

I sincerely hope that will change.

/Andreas Degerhammar

Free Jafar Panahi!

Renowned Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi has been arrested in his home in Tehran. His crime? Making a documentary about the protests last summer after the election. Jafar Panahi reportedly did not get permission to shoot the scenes for his new film in Tehran.

Read more here: http://www.cineuropa.org/newsdetail.aspx?lang=en&documentID=137477

And here: http://www.guardian.co.uk/film/2010/mar/02/jafar-panahi-arrested-in-iran

Jafar Panahi was last in Göteborg at GIFF 2007. He was then one of the members of the first ever jury for The Ingmar  Bergman International Debut Award. We also screened his film The Circle in our 30th anniversary retrospective that same year.

Personally I remember the kind and resolute manners in which Jafar Panahi helped me making my way through the chaotic lines for the elevators on the ground floor at the festival hotel Riverton, up to the overcrowded sky bar. At the festival we are always looking forward to new films by him, and wish him welcome back to Göteborg any year.

We strongly plead that Jafar Panahi and the other persons arrested with him may be released as soon as possible.

Marit Kapla
Festival Director

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