Work in progress and work that stopped progressing a long time ago

Translating is boring, so I’ll just write this in english:

There’s this abbreviation, “WP”, that puzzled me when I got a text from a friend, saying that I should come to see one. The “WP” in question was a new movie called “Call Girl” about a prostitution scandal that made headlines in Sweden in the 70s, and WP means “work in progress”. Since it’s in progress, you don’t get to see the whole movie, but you get to see parts of it. A qualified guess is that it’s is going to be great, since the friend who texted me – Simon – is in it.  Check him out. When he’s not eating hamburgers in a fast food joint he’s also a brilliant actor.

After finishing our burgers, we went to Riksarkivet. This is the place where the municipality of Gothenburg keeps old stuff. Like a collective attic, basically. I didn’t go there to look at something VERY old though, but to see something moderatly ancient: the collection of the Filmfestival’s posters through out the years.
You really shouldn’t miss it, they’re beautiful. YOu can also vote for your favourite and win a signed poster by Ann Sofie Sidén!

P.S. You wouldn’t guess it, but Riksarkivet is on Twitter as you can see below:


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