An Important Movie

I’m not going to get into the debate on Russia’s political future, but only as a (distant) spectator confirm that the story of this country for sure has left deep scars in its people and spirit.

The recent major focus on Russia’s political situation has probably not managed to escape anyone’s attention. Hopefully this is the beginning of a democratization process with a more open cultural climate as a result. However, while waiting, there are still possibilities for the rest of the world to get a glimpse of the people behind the country.
The Swedish-produced documentary Once There Was Love (Vi som älskade) gives its audience an unpleasant insight into the Russian middle class life. Marked by the lack of trust in the political system and the future, with alcohol and declining optimism as each other’s followers we watch a family perform its balancing act on the very breaking point.
This will not be the movie that will change Russia’s status in the world by revealing secrets of a tortured country. To be honest it will most likely confirm the view on Russia and Russians that most “outsiders” have today.
But through this film we are given a possibility to find some kind of deeper understanding for how the society characterizes its inhabitants. To see the people behind its country a little bit clearer and relate to them as something else as far-away-people in time and place.

The daughter in the family.

There Once Was Love will be screened on the following days:
Monday 30/1 17.30 Biopalatset 10
Tuesday 31/1 15.00 Chalmers 2
Wednesday 1/2 15.00 Chalmers 2

All screenings will be with English subtitles, don’t miss it out!
Lisa Meyer, blogger GIFF


One response to “An Important Movie

  1. Åh, på engelska också! Jag hade precis tänkt efterlysa lite bloggande på utrikiska, det är ju trots allt en internationell festival vi har att göra med då va… 😉
    Intressant film också, den måste jag kolla upp!!

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