It is less than 17 hours before the opening of the 34th Göteborg International Film Festival. But it is a long way before I´ll arrive.
I have been at the Sundance Film Festival and on my way back a snowstorm over New York stopped my the scheduled flight.
I´m now in the hometown of the Motown-music and also the most violent city in the US. Tonight I hope to come on a flight to Amsterdam and from there direct to Göteborg for the opening at 17:30. Will I get time to change clothes.

I had to missions in Sundance, to watch films for the 2012 edition of GIFF and promote THE MILL & THE CROSS, a Polish/Swedish co-production.
Fantastic reviews in the trade papers Variety and Screen.
It will be played both in Göteborg and Rotterdam.
Lech Majewski is the director and Rutger Hauer is playing Pieter Bruegel.

Detroit Jan 27th

Freddy Olsson


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