Oliver Sherman, Curling and some regular tourism.

On Saturday night I found myself on a stage in Montreal, speaking French.

This is where I spoke French in public.

I tend to say yes to all public performances just to challenge myself, but speaking French in public… I will think again before I decide to speak a language that I barely can make myself understood in enough to buy a cup of coffee, in front of an audience of 100 % native French-speaking Canadiens.

But it was for a good cause – to read out our jury’s explanation on why we chose Oliver Sherman by Ryan Redford to be the winning film of this year’s Canadian Focus at the Festival du Noveau Cinéma. In short – the film offers a great storyline, high suspense, great cast  and profound humanity. It is truly a really good film. Hopefully you will be able to see Oliver Sherman in the 34th GIFF this winter. Here is a clip from the first part of the film, where war veterans Franklin Page and Sherman Oliver reunite on Franklin’s porch in a quiet rural town.

Below is some other picture evidence of my last few days in Montreal. The last thing I did before going to the airport was to watch David Fincher’s The Social Network in a regular cinema. I really enjoyed it! Now I am back in Sweden with only 1 hours of sleep. My head feels like it is filled with air.

/Marit Kapla

Québécois director Denis Coté (no 4 from left) and his cast for the film Curling, the closing film after the award ceremony. An interesting, puzzling film with a harsh beauty that you can catch up with at the 34th GIFF in January 2011.

The altar in Montreal's Notre-Dame Cathedral. I took a guided tour which felt like a very grown up thing to do. In a good way.

This beautiful stained glass window has a picture of Paul Chomedey de Maisonneuve, French Roman Catholic, carrying a cross up the Mount Royal in 1640-something, to bring Christianity to the pagans. Too bad the sunlight outside makes it impossible to see. The image I mean, not Christianity. Though that is also quite impossible to see.

The cross of today on top of Mount Royal.

A French boule of café au lait in Halloween territory.


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