Poetry in the afternoon

Cirque Ici is part of Göteborgs Dans & Teaterfestival, going on right now. View from my office window: their tent outside Lagerhuset.

GIFF is certainly not the only international cultural festival in Göteborg. Right now one of our dear colleagues is in full swing: Göteborgs Dans & Teater Festival. Yesterday afternoon I went to take part in Lundahl & Seitl’s project “Symphony of a Missing Room”, set at Göteborgs konstmuseum (Göteborg’s Museum of Art). Blindfolded we, a group of 7 people (or maybe some of the participants were actually performers), were guided in inner and virtual rooms by a voice in our headphones. A very special experience. The closing line was very poetic and something to remember. “Follow the light on the inside of your eyelids”. I am going to try to do that.

/Marit Kapla


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