Nordic Council Film Prize nominees

The news just came about which five films are nominated for the Nordic Council Film Prize of 2010. Two of the nominees are old nominee friends from GIFFs Dragon Award Best Nordic Film competition this winter: Norwegian Upperdog by Sara Johnsen and Icelandic The Good Heart by Dagur Kári. The other three nominees are Danish Submarino by Thomas Vinterberg, Finnish Steam of Life by Joonas Berghäll and Mika Hotakainen (you can watch it in Swedish cinemas right now, at least at Hagabion in Göteborg) and Swedish Metropia by Tarik Saleh. Read more here.

It is not easy to predict the winner, but maybe it is time for a Norwegian victory finally, after the previous years dominated by Denmark and Sweden. Upperdog took lots of awards at the Norwegian national award ceremony Amanda in Haugesund last weekend, so that might be a sign.

/Marit Kapla


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