Sweden hot in Karlovy Vary

With a temperature of 30+, the World Cup in football and Jude Law present you need something to cool you, therefore it is nice that a large beer costs  € 0.60. Add to this seven Swedish films.

It is always nice to come back to this spa town in the Czech Republic. Friendly people, well organized and a lot of films and partys.

Maybe not always the best films in the main competition. Karlovy Vary has to compete with Cannes, Venice, Locarno and San Sebastian for International premieres, and there is not enough with good films.

But in the other sections you always find films to bring to the next festival in Göteborg.

But film is one thing, another is to find out what is going on in the film business in Central- and Eastern Europe. Everyone is here, and films in post-production are screened for buyers and festival programmers.

This year the documentary programme was the hit. If we had place in Göteborg I could have taken the whole section to our own festival.

The winner in Göteborg became also the winner in Karlovy Vary. The Swedish feature documentary Familia, directed by Mikael Wiström and Alberto Herskovits, won the international documentary award. Familia is the story of  a peruvian family  and their struggle to survive. The mother leaves for Spain where she works as a maid to support her family back home in Lima.

/Freddy Olsson


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