Hammer drill hell

I’m trying very hard to focus on different reports and budgets and…. Aghhhah…Not being interrupted by the piercing sound of someone going crazy with different kinds of power tools, on what sounds as a very, very stubborn wall/floor/gigantic block of marble somewhere very close to my desk.

I’ve tried to be patient. Tried to ignore it. Even tried to imagine the possibility of a new Rodin making his/her mark on the world in the room just above my head. But my patience is coming to an end here. The sound is jumping around in the building. Moving from one corner of my room to the next. And it’s changing. The tone is varying from a fierce high-pitched shriek to a denser, and bit more tolerable, groan. With a shade more rhythm to it, and performed at some duskily lit bar where senses could be dimmed by a bit of strong liquor, it might have been entertaining. But in broad daylight and with no dance qualities to it at all, it is just driving me mad.

So much so that I have actually started to care about the weather forecast. Not so much for the bride and groom to be. Sorry, Victoria and Daniel, however much I hope for the two of you to have a wonderful wedding – my plans for Midsummer are just far more important right now. And so I turn to http://www.yr.no for a bit of guidance and hope. Looking at the bright yellow sun-signs spreading all over the south of France is the next best thing to filling your ears with paper regain focus in desperate close-to-vacation-times such as these! So let there be sun and silence – not necessarily in that order…

Åsa Bernlo


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