Get out of your comfort zone!

Staff party with the Swedish way of high school prom theme.

The day started with team coaching with our own festival crew coach Malin. This was the third time in a couple of months and today’s session ended with hugs and kisses. Or at least with praise and compliments colleagues between. We should do it more often, it feels quite excellent to hear what a splendid person you are… A good way of preparing for the big staff party taking place a few hours afterwards. One of the things we’ve learnt during the sessions is that it can be useful to get out of your comfort zone once in a while, that is to do something in a different way than you usually do. My way today was sadly enough not to participate in the partying. Probably the first time in over ten years that I miss a staff party. Instead of chicken with sage or large delicious meatball things with pine nuts I had a sad sandwich on a slow train.

Uncomfortable as h.., but this time necessary. I’ll be back.

Camilla Larsson


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