Cannes 2010: politics and party

I stepped into my appartment in Göteborg with a big bag full of dirty laundry at 2 pm today. Now I have to follow what is left of the Cannes film festival over the internet. One conclusion of this year’s edition, is that it was filled with films relating to politics, from Danish documentary Armadillo (won the big prize in Critic’s Week yesterday) about Danish soldiers in Afghanistan to today’s big competition première on the red carpet, Rachid Bouchareb’s Hors-la-loi, about confrontations and killings between Algerians and French in post-war Algeria.

Like my colleagues, I also have some pictures unpublished in my camera, many of them from our Nordic Cannes party  of last Monday. Enjoy!

/Marit Kapla

GIFF staff Paula Wahlbom and Håkan Westesson just before the guests arrive.

Eva, Roger, Håkan, Åsa, Camilla and Nina waiting for the first guests at the Nordic party.

GIFF resident DJ Nina Natri.

Guest-DJs Marie Kjellson and Fiona Jonuzi of Plattform Produktion.

The guest-DJ-team from International Film Festival Rotterdam.

Camilla Skagerström and Frida Kempff, directors of Micky badar (Bathing Micky), in Cannes short film competition.

Swedish film critic and writer Stig Björkman, director of "..But Film is My Mistress", in Cannes Classic.


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