Celebrations are in order

Judging from the seven films I’ve seen so far this Cannes it’s hard to believe that there are any independent, hard working and intelligent women in the world.

Judging from real life – there most certainly is!

On screen the female characters are either very young and naked, or very old and disappointed at life, most of them because no one is interested in seeing them naked any longer.

On screen, it seems, women have rarely anything better to do than find reasons to sleep with much older, and much more secure men. No wonder they can’t find time to have a career or read books or go to the supermarket. Unless they do it naked. That last part is not something I made up. Someone else did. Someone actually wrote a script where a very young, very attractive girl gets so confused getting out of the shower and having to answer the phone in a hurry, that she forgets to put on her clothes and walks out into the streets stark naked. She manages to get into a pair of pink boots and tie them – but the rest is just a haze to her. We are supposed to laugh at this. But it’s kind of hard to do that if you have at least half a brain and the least bit of faith in humanity. It rather makes you wonder what series of really bad choices the scriptwriter, producer and then director made in actually going through with that scene. And why no one had the sense to stop them while there was still time.

Fiction is fantastic. But when it time after time depicts a world that is about as far from reality that it is possible to get without loosing all respect for half of the world’s population – it just stops being interesting for the right reasons and starts being freakishly wrong.

The silver lining here is that there are endless examples of female talent in reality. Even on the big screen. The amount of effort it must take to get into character and give life to some of the horribly stupid scripts that are out there is admirable to say the least. And the numerous examples of fantastic producers, directors and other film professionals, male or female, who work on actually making sense, are amazing too.

The good thing about ignorance and unintelligence is that it makes for a very good backdrop, as it lets the good things in life stand out so much more clearly. So today we celebrate that at our party on the beach. That, and Nordic film in general, and the growing Dragon Award Best Nordic Film, and Cia’s birthday, and Eva’s brand new PhD, and producer on the move and festival friend Lizette Jonjic’s successful work with Hakon Liu on “Miss Kicki” (that got selected as one of Variety’s top ten critics’ choice!) and all those good things that gives one a chance to think long and hard on how to view the world!

Åsa Bernlo


One response to “Celebrations are in order

  1. Välformulerat, kul och på pricken om unga – helst nakna – kvinnor och gamla män i film och TV ! Tänk Woody Allen och Jack Nicholsen t.ex.

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