Golden Dragon Euphoria

Vit Päls from Malmö in action at the Golden Dragon Award party.

As Karl writes below, it really was a big night out! The Golden Dragon found its new home with incredibly talented filmmaker Johannes Nyholm. He told the audience that in his new film, his one year old daughter will be acting against a cast of puppets, in a setting built in his studio. That’s really something you don’t see every day!

The Swedish writer Kerstin Thorvall who recently died, claimed that dancing is the best therapy. She was so right. After having danced the whole evening yesterday to the great line-up of guest-DJs, I have been feeling great all day.

The band Vit Päls added a lot to this great experience. Towards the end of the concert they danced themselves so hard on stage that one of the keyboards fell off its stool. The keyboard player noticed that, but she just kicked the keyboard further in under the stool and danced on. Then you really are in a band for the right reasons!

My promise to myself when I go to Cannes next week is to take every single possibility to dance.

/Marit Kapla

In the panel discussion of the evening, it was impossible not to mention the big Ferris wheel that was built in the centre of Göteborg a few weeks ago.

There is a big discussion in town on what this Ferris wheel adds to Göteborg's image (we already have another one) and if it might have been more interesting to go for something else to put Göteborg on the international map.


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