Big night out!

Yesterday’s spring party “The Little Culture Festival” hosted by Göteborg International Film Festival at the club Parken was fantastic with lots of happy people and a great atmosphere!  The evening included an interesting panel discussion about the culture scene in Göteborg, the golden dragon award ceremony, a lively DJ marathon and a fantastic live band performance.

The seventeenth Golden Dragon was awarded to the filmmaker Johannes Nyholm with the motivation: “One of Sweden’s most original filmmakers has his workshop in Majorna, Göteborg. With his music videos, the films about the Puppetboy and the paper doll animations in Dreams from the Woods, all characterized by versatility, unpredictability, humour and boldness, Johannes Nyholm has achieved world reputation and prooved that the one who chooses to go his own way can reach further than the others.”

The fresh band “Vit Päls” did a fantastic performance. I have seldom seen such an energetic and joy exuberant band that lifted the party mood enormously. Nine mucicians on stage, lots of different instruments and a really entertaining singer!

The DJ marathon was also a success. The thirteen different DJ:s delivered everything from nostalgic funk classics to a crazy Pecha Kucha influenced DJ set with 20 Japanese hits in 6.6 minutes. I had fun and I danced a lot which gave me a great many steps on my pedometer! (Very good for my team in our internal step race at the Göteborg International Film Festival office…).

Today we are all a bit tired but most of all very happy for a successful Spring Party! Big thanks to all guests, DJs, musicians and participants in the panel discussion.

//Karl Svedung


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