Cannes 2010: Jesper Klevenås, Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson

Today, I am happy for the people behind two interesting films that will be representing Sweden in Cannes in May. (It is really hard to talk about Cannes without speaking about it as the world championship of film. Even art is a competition!)

SOUND OF NOISE, feature film directed by Ola Simonsson and Johannes Stjärne Nilsson. It was presented at GIFF 2010 as a work in progress in our Nordic Film Market. In previous years GIFF has screened seven of the directing duo’s shorts, among them much acclaimed MUSIC FOR ONE APARTMENT AND SIX DRUMMERS (2001). Selected for Critic’s Week.

ETT TYST BARN (A SILENT CHILD), short directed by Jesper Klevenås. GIFF has screened three of Jesper’s previous shorts: ANJA (2001), SATUNGEN (JUST A KID, 2002) and MÄNNISKORNA (HOMO SAPIENS, 2007). He also won the Swedish national award Guldbaggen for his cinematography in SÅNGER FRÅN ANDRA VÅNINGEN (SONGS FROM THE SECOND FLOOR), directed by GIFF’s honorary president Roy Andersson. ETT TYST BARN is selected for Quinzaine des réalisateurs (Directors’ Fortnight).

/Marit Kapla, Festival Director


One response to “Cannes 2010: Jesper Klevenås, Ola Simonsson & Johannes Stjärne Nilsson

  1. i waited some news of Sound of Noise. Big news, i love their work “music for 1 appartment and 6 drummers” the woman and the gramophone”. I hope they will win something to Cannes.
    There are more informations on and become the first to discover the first exclusive images of the movie

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