Still thinking about music …

The wishes for  the sun sun to keep on shining didn’t last long :((((

Back to grey today.

My mind is still occupied by music, after Music Doc, and last night I happened to stumble upon an article on the net from British weekly New Statesman. A few days ago they ranked the 20 most important political songs. Interesting reading here!

One of them is American folk legend Pete Seeger’s classic “Where Have All the Flowers Gone?”. That made a marvellous music film I saw at IDFA, the doc festival in Amsterdam, two years ago come to my mind again. The Power of Song by Jim Brown – the only authorized biography about the now 9o year-old, still singing, legend and activist. sadly we never managed to get it to GIFF. Searched the net to see if it’s been released in Sweden, but can’t find anything. Now released on DVD in the US and Britain though. Highly recommended and inspiring about keeping your political, social and personal beliefs strong and consquent throughout your entire life.



Director’s homepage

/Ulf Sigvardson


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