Half time luxury

Finally our coffee machine arrived in the little bunker behind the desk at hotel Riverton, where we at the press/industry and guest office have our festival base camp. Nice small and beautiful espresso capsules can make your day under these very very busy busy circumstances.

Press assistant Andréas with the stuff for his machine.

Here we handle around 1000 people coming to the festival. Thus you can imagine all the kinds of possible and impossible questions our wonderful staff at the desk get, while we are hiding behind the temporary walls.  Since it’s very cold and since the floor is covered with papers and old paper coffe cups and people making schedules and since it’s very crowded and narrow it’s not exactly glamour that is the dominating feeling. But if you look very closely you can find it. A bag of Dior make up and a small bottle of champagne can help quite a lot  if the espresso capsules are not enough.


But actually we love this little shelter, it feels like home and when the snow falls heavily outside it’s tempting to just stay in the bubble inside. Yesterday night the risk or chance (whatever one prefers) was that all the guests would stay as well. Cancelled flights and trains due to weather circumstances. But today everything looks allright. And tonight, some more work related luxury; a nice cocktail reception and mingling with the international guests. And maybe some more snow?

Camilla Larsson

The most beautiful sight in Göteborg. And I'm not being ironic.


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