And we’re off!

The audience leaving the Draken cinema after morning screening of Agora.

Hawa Essuman from Nairobi, Kenya, director of Soul Boy.

Pictures from yesterday’s opening will follow later, but in short – it was a great night!

Today I had morning coffee at the festival hotel Riverton with director Hawa Essuman, the director of Soul Boy. In Kenya most of the films distributed in cinemas are American, British or Indian. But Hawa mentioned new possibilites for distributing local films in Kenya, and this is something she is very engaged in.  Soul Boy, produced by among others the German director Tom Tykwer,  has it’s world première in Göteborg at 5.30 today.

After a seminar about Swedish film politics in the festival tent, I met the audience flooding out after the screening of Alejandro Amenábar’s film Agora at our main theatre Draken. Not bad, a sold out screening of 713 seats at 9.30 a sunny Saturday morning! We have said it before, but I will say it again: our audience is fantastic!

/Marit Kapla, Festival Director


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