A very risky party


Fantastic air guitar solo by Ylva!


Every year on the Sunday before the festival starts, there is a big staff party. It is called “the high risk project”, simply because it is very risky to throw a party for people who are facing two weeks of a loooot of work!

On the other hand – there is nothing like a good party to rise the spirit sky high, enough for enduring the two weeks to come. Yesterday’s “high risk project” was such a party!

Everybody was told to either dress up in pink or in green – the colours borrowed from the symbol of Gothenburg’s big fun fair Liseberg: the green and pink rabbit. Then the two teams got one song each to perform in a choir competition. The first prize of course consisted of performing at the opening ceremony on Friday…

Aaaaaaaaa'm hooked on a feeling!


Ouga chaka, ouga ouga ouga chaka!


Queen, in green!


We will, we will rock you!


Dynamic pink solo by Daniela and Åke.


Enjoy the pictures of the green and pink GIFF staff, taking it away!

/Marit Kapla, Festival Director


3 responses to “A very risky party

  1. Jag dör!! Och är omväxlande grön och rosa av avund…
    Av bilderna att döma verkar rosa laget rocka lite mer än det gröna, eller har jag fel?

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