Two weeks left, but it has begun …

This Saturday, nearly two weeks before the 33rd festival takes off for real, it was like a mini-start! As for myself I should have dedicated the whole day to editiong our English Catalogue, which have to be ready for print on Wednesday, but there were so much fun things happening today, so I will have to do it later.

At noon the festival box office opened for everyone, and the foayer of Draken was packed:

And still there are loads of programme booklets for future audience to pick up:

At NK department store our PR manager Camilla Larsson held the two preview versions of Studio Draken, which will be held every evening during the festival in the Festival Tent. Today’s special guests were the team from the Swedish film Miss Kicki, Sjömagasinet’s Leif Mannerström, and Swedish actor and opera singer Loa Falkman. But first out was the festival CEO Åsa Bernlo:

Down there on the lower level is Swedish producer Lizette Jonjic (producer of Miss Kicki) in Studio Draken:

From left to right: Camilla Larsson, Leif Mannerström and Loa Falkman:

At the same time a few hundred meters away at gallery Cosmopolitan, festival programmer Midhat “Ajan” Ajanovic had the première of his exhibition with the drawings from his animated short Point of Mouth, which will have its Swedish première in the Maximated Animation-programme at the festival:

And finally, the first festival related screening at our main theatre Draken was held in the evening. It was the Swedish (preview)première of the Swedish-Russian co-production Newsmakers, directed by Anders Banke. So for the first time this year, our Festival director, Marit Kapla, walked out on the stage for an introduction:

The Newsmaker-team:

Well, tomorrow is Sunday, but I think there will have to be a lot of catalogue work done!

/Ulf Sigvardson


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