Saturday morning

Saturday mornings are Swedish radio heaven. At least if you stick to the good old programme number one. This morning I’ve gone from “Stil”, to the news, to “Konflikt”, to more news and then on to “Spanarna”.

In fact Spanarna is on right now in the background and I feel that Calle Norlén just made a very good point with his prophecy that the superlatives that have made their way into our daily language will meet their doom and give way for a new wave of understatements. Just listen: Spanarna

This morning just cannot be overstated though. The air is crystal clear and for the first time in weeks the golden tip of Skansen Kronan sparkle over the rooftops. It’s as if the sky itself was painted clear blue with just a bit of white strokes on it for decoration.

I have a text for the festival programme to write, probably a full inbox, tiles to choose, boxes to pack, crispbread with cumin that I want to bake and a flat that is well beyond filthy. But when the sun is out like this and it’s Saturday – that’ll all have to wait for just a bit.

Åsa Bernlo


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