Dirty Dancing meets Sunes sommar

Someone asked for more blue pictures of Göteborg. So here is what I saw when I woke up this morning.

Göteborg – lovely as ever. And very, very cold. Walked past the guy with one of the coldest jobs in the city on my way to the office. He sells Christmas trees just by Hagakyrkan and this morning he wasn’t even wearing gloves. I don’t’ know if I should be impressed or worried about him?

I know I man who suffers from cold-allergy. It’s painful and he swells up from low temperatures and changes in temperature. A very irritating illness! But knowing that it actually exists I’m beginning to wonder if it can manifest itself as lower back pains? And if so – would it be possible for me to have Teneriffa-treatment prescribed then? Probably not. I will just stay here, on the floor of my office – stretched out next to the portable heater. That works too.

Yesterday we also spent som time on the floor.

Looks very cosy, dosen’t it? It was a good day for learning. About the people I work with and about Africa. I got to know 33 new things about the African continent and saw the film-puzzle that make up the office staff come together. The added value was looking in thorugh the window at Draken, walking home, seeing my colleagues dance wildly. It was a very interesting night altogether. And being Breakfast Club myself I feel quite comfortable in the company of the others.

In the spirit of the festival theme “sharing” the headline of this year’s exchange of Christmas gifts was “re-gifting”. The instructions to everyone was to bring something from home that held no economic, emotional or other value whatsoever to themselves, wrap it up and donate it anonymously. From the pile of gifts everyone the got something and suddenly the worthless things held new value again. I got a crime novel. A fantastic gift as I love crime novels. Camilla Larsson got the most amazing oil-lamp and Torben Kulin will have to build himself either a “gillestuga” (recreation room) or a closed-in veranda to put his brand new maypole in. Next year we plan on taking this to an even higher level asking everyone to bring the thing they value most from home… But then again, next year is a new festival and a new theme so you never know.

Getting warmer here in the office I think about Camilla Larsson, Marit Kapla and Mirja Hildbrand on a train towards our press conference in Stockholm today. They’ll be in Kulturhuset at 2 talking about Startsladden nominees among other things. So go see them there if you have the chance.

Åsa Bernlo

ps. An extra one just because:


One response to “Dirty Dancing meets Sunes sommar

  1. Dancing wildly can actually help you get up at 7.15, take the train to Stockholm and back again after inspiring press conference for short film competition + good meeting with honorary president Roy Andersson and be back about 23.30 still in a good mood. Great company also helps!

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