The silence of the orange

It’s incredible how used to sitting down I am. And it’s fascinating how much slower it is doing normal things standing up. At least when the things around me aren’t adapted to this new me. Feels a bit like being Gulliver in Lilliput. My desk is all the way down there…. phu, and the floor… well the floor is like a completely different planet. Anything that ends up there is lost forever in a never-ending spiral towards death and doom among the dust balls of eternity. Add a bit of the giant dose of painkillers that’s prescribed for me and the land of Lilliput borders quite closely to Alice’s Wonderland!

It’s season the time bomb in my spine to make its annual showpiece.  Wonderful.

Apart from my own deplorable body all is well in the office. Everyone is working hard and bit by bit a festival is emerging. Last week this year’s commercials were shot. I’m so curious to see them finished. The sufferings of an ordinary orange can be ever so entertaining to a cruel and juice loving person like me.

Åsa Bernlo


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