I did it

Didn’t think I was going to do it. But this morning I was standing in a long line with loads of retired people. Since I missed the dates when my own “risk group” was offered the shot, I now, several weeks later joined  “the much older ones”. Yes, I am talking about the new flu and since I never get sick I hesitated, but what the heck, you don’t want to risk being the one sabotaging a whole film festival, do you? Because from now on nobody can get sick. That’s it.

So, because of the above, I am more tired than normal. (Which explains why I didn’t watch our fund film La Yuma tonight, as I intended to) Which is quite good, since I won’t be so… bothered when I see the Norwegian royal family loosen up to the music at the Nobel peace concert on tv. But at least Will and Jada Smith are real pros.

And I must say that I got some  inspiration which will come in handy for our big Christmas staff party on Wednesday. Say no more.

Camilla Larsson


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